What a couple of weeks. Poem featured on Upworthy, music video featured on Racialicious, a standing-room only performance, a brand new remix w/ Ganzobean & Dem Atlas, AND a new poem video debuted by Button Poetry.

If you missed any of that stuff, check out http://www.guante.info


This is a poem about the Twin Cities, though I’m sure many other communities can relate.

I’ll be opening for one of my favorite artists, Saul Williams, on Thursday at Icehouse in MPLS. Click the image for details.

In case you missed it, our new album is still free, and still bonkers.

Get your tickets at the link. Get ‘em early.

"my last album had no famous guest appearances/
the outcome: these scenesters ain’t hearin’ it.”

SIFU HOTMAN isn’t the type of hip hop project that’s ever going to blow up, be picked up by all the tastemakers or go viral. We knew that when we were making it. But it needed to be made, and I’m ecstatic that it exists.

See us perform the project in its entirety this Saturday at the Fifth Element parking lot sale. Our set is around 4pm.

You can also still DL the whole project for FREE here.

Download SIFU HOTMAN here for FREE.

We’ll also be playing the annual Fifth Element parking lot sale on 8/24, 4pm. Grab the vinyl there!

This Saturday, I’ll be playing two festivals IN the Twin Cities: a poetry set at the Grounds & Sounds Festival at 5pm in STP, then a music set at the Phillips Music Festival at 6pm in MPLS. So much good energy, so many good people. Info on both here.

Here’s a poem I wrote about the Twin Cities.

NEW ALBUM AVAILABLE NOW! Download it for FREE right here, or order the vinyl through Fifth Element.

Weird, fun, uptempo hip hop. Definitely something different.

Another random surprise: Paste Magazine (!) included me in a list of 12 Twin Cities bands you should listen to (shout to Chastity Brown and Haley Bonar too). It’s great to get the press, but it’s also tainted because there should really be more hip hop acts on the list. I posted a comment there about it.

Big news coming soon; for now, check out my LAST album if you haven’t yet. It’s unique and angry and weird and beautiful.

Rube, Guante & Dem Atlas are SIFU HOTMAN. Video and album announcement coming soon!

I compiled a few links— some fromĀ Opine Season, plus one fromĀ Toki Wright. It seems like there’s a lot of discussion lately around representation, media, the arts, race and more. I think it’s a healthy conversation.