So I’m playing this big #LegalizeItMN show on Saturday w/ Mike Mictlan,Mixed Blood MajorityShiro DameECIDMetasotaManchitaGreg Greaseand more. Aside from being a great lineup, it’s a cause I think is important; figured I’d talk about it:

I don’t smoke weed. Never have, never will. So for me, this isn’t about the recreational use of a substance. It’s about the fact that marijuana being illegal hurts people. 

Because marijuana-related arrests get people into “the system,” whether or not they get locked up. Because some people GET locked up, sometimes as a third offense with an absurdly long sentence. Because enforcement of prohibition disproportionately targets people of color. Because prisons are overflowing with non-violent drug offenders, and that costs money, destroys lives, and has a generational impact. Because the drug war is a multi-billion dollar failure, everyone knows it, but no politician will do anything about it. Because there’s a connection between the militarization of police and that drug war. Because medicinal marijuana works and is working in other states. Because it’s the right thing to do, and the right time to do it.

Come to the show, or check out MN Norml for more info.

COMING SOON. Click through for more info and the first single. Cover design by Rogue Citizen.

That time of year again. I tried to collect and link to a few good “stop using Halloween as an excuse to act out your bizarre racist and colonialist fantasies” articles here, plus added a few of my own thoughts about why we need to keep talking about this. Feel free to add more.



It’s a song about death. If you’ve ever lost someone, or even if you haven’t, you may be able to relate.

Produced by Ganzobean, shot by Adam J. Dunn.

Wednesday night! More info here.

Some background on Wednesday’s show, plus some great links to examples of how people all over have been fighting back against street harassment and rape culture

Friday at 7:30: free, all-ages poetry show featuring me and Tish Jones at the U of MN’s Whole Music Club in Coffman Union.

Here’s a song we made about the political weaponization of sex-negativity, and the importance of comprehensive sexual education.

Reminder to self.


Guante - “Quicksand” (Saint Paul Poetry Slam)

BRAND NEW POEM captured by buttonpoetry

This is called Quicksand, and though it was inspired by #ferguson, it’s also more broadly about how we respond to injustice, especially when we are not directly affected by that injustice.