NEW SONG. Me and Dem Atlas rapping over a Rube beat, and the result might be the best damn song I ever made.

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Release party Friday. All-ages.

Here’s a photo of me preaching about the coming socialist utopia while celebrity geniuses neilhilborn and sierrademulder look on. Photo by Henzbo.

Here’s a photo of me preaching about the coming socialist utopia while celebrity geniuses neilhilborn and sierrademulder look on. Photo by Henzbo.

Official announcement coming soon, but a save-the-date for all our friends: New SIFU HOTMAN (me, Dem Atlas & Rube) music coming this month. July 25 release party. Stay tuned for more info.

  1. Camera: iPhone 5
  2. Aperture: f/2.4
  3. Exposure: 1/30th
  4. Focal Length: 2mm

So we just had a Monday night potluck rap show at the Capri Theater in North Minneapolis in order to celebrate the 2014 MN youth poetry slam team and it was one of the most beautiful crowds I’ve ever had the pleasure of performing for.

What Truartspeaks and Tish Jones have been able to accomplish these past two years, building on the work of those who came before, genuinely reaching out to the next generation, and just organizing something fun and cool— it cannot be overstated how important this work is. Each year, the youth slam finals AND the sendoff show get a little bigger. If you want to jump in and contribute to a legitimate artistic/cultural movement here in the TC, start by liking those two pages. There is so much more to come.

Also, if you can be judged by the company you keep, I think we’re doing something very right. So much love and respect to K.Raydio, Medium Zach of Big QuartersBdotCroc, Crescent Moon of Kill The VulturesNo ProjectionDesdamonaDJ Kool Akiem, St. Paul Slim, b-boy J-sun, Daylight, Khary Jackson, all the dancers, all the poets, everyone who came out.

Finally, best of luck to the 2014 youth slam team repping MN at Brave New Voices. It’s been an honor to work with you all. I was not a tenth as talented or wise as you all are when I was your age, so here’s to the future. Let’s keep building.

  1. Aperture: f/2.4
  2. Exposure: 1/15th
  3. Focal Length: 4mm

For any aspiring writers out there: a few tips, tools and tactics that have been valuable to me. More coming soon!

Guante & Big Cats: FIREWORKS

Spoiler: it’s not really about fireworks it’s just about sex.

my unsolicited opinions on the new Busta/Eminem song. Plus a link to a piece in XXL about this upcoming anthology that I’m in.

Part TWO in an ongoing series of videos I’m making passing along tips, tools and tactics for aspiring spoken-word artists.

Just released: part TWO of my ongoing series of videos sharing practical tips, tools, and tactics for aspiring spoken-word artists. This one focuses on turning abstract ideas, issues, and topics into concrete images, scenes, and stories. I also draw a ridiculous picture; shout to Eric Mata!
Just released a brand-new song; produced by Katrah-Quey. It’s about nihilism and Burger King and space aliens. Please share it if you like it, because, you know, our whole existence is a millisecond in infinity.

"I never imagined my looking glass would be a windshield/ but I woke up to a whole new world on the other side…"