Here’s a song we made about the political weaponization of sex-negativity, and the importance of comprehensive sexual education.

Reminder to self.


Guante - “Quicksand” (Saint Paul Poetry Slam)

BRAND NEW POEM captured by buttonpoetry

This is called Quicksand, and though it was inspired by #ferguson, it’s also more broadly about how we respond to injustice, especially when we are not directly affected by that injustice.

via CTULWhat an incredible day – 29 fast food workers on strike in the Twin Cities; over 250 workers and community allies poured into the streets in two actions, including U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison; thousands of fast food workers in over 150 cities around the country; and much, much more. The world heard powerful stories from low-wage workers who are leading an inspiring movement for justice!

A million years in the future/
alien archaeologists are digging up the Mall of America

When I’m dead, find the richest man in Minneapolis/
and poison his dinner with my ashes.


Some love for SIFU HOTMAN over at the BBC. For a limited time, our song “Matches” (aka my favorite song I’ve ever made) is a FREE download.
The #Ferguson solidarity rally in MPLS tonight was big and inspiring. I posted some photos and updates over at So many powerful people in attendance. As all the speakers said, this is just a stepping stone— if you want to do more, dive in, get involved with an organization; links and resources here:

Click through for an article I wrote collecting interviews, links and resources for turning outrage into action. If you’re angry about Ferguson and want to do some work right here in the Twin Cities, go to the rally on Thursday and click through to the article for some ideas.

This has been on my mind a lot lately. A poem about media, culture, whiteness and Minnesota.